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We believe in the pursuit of the ultimate you

The pursuit of the ultimate you. Sounds like it could be the title of a gameshow, but for us at NOOMA, it’s our true north. What it means is that we’re more interested in the process, than always looking at the end game. To make a positive impact in this world it’s all about showing up day in and day out, doing things that matter. Consistently working on improving yourself and everyone around you. We embrace this pursuit with open arms and have a whole lot of fun with it.


Our Story

Things started for us as two brothers with one simple problem – we hated the sports drinks we’d been given our whole lives. Next thing you know, we’re showing up at every workout we could find, bringing a cooler full of drinks. It was a lot of hustling to make our idea a reality. You know the drill – blood, sweat and tears. Well, mostly sweat of for us. What makes it all worth it is that NOOMA has become a part of something bigger.


Our squad is made up of a bunch of people that have a real passion for getting a good sweat in and living a healthy lifestyle. We get up for workouts before the sun is up. We bring food scales to work. We read mind and motivation books. But we also have a love for donuts, craft beer and just getting together with friends for no reason at all. We have fun living that balanced life and it’s what our company is all about.



We’ve partnered with leaders in the fitness community to be NOOMA Ambassadors and an extension of our brand. We didn’t go looking for the people with the most social media followers or the absolute best athletes. It’s the people that share the same values as we do and have a commitment to helping others reach their health and wellness goals.



It’s not just a bunch of staged pictures on Instagram, we actually love getting out in the community, meeting new people and going through a killer workout together. There’s something special about going through that suck as a team compared to when you’re by yourself. You go harder, you feel more motivated, you connect with the people around you and you’re a better person from it all. We love it and it’s a huge part of NOOMA.