sweat with us

Sweat With Us

A big part of what we do with NOOMA is actually being involved with the fitness community. It’s not just a bunch of staged pictures on Instagram, we actually love getting out there, meeting new people and going through a killer workout together. There’s something special about going through that suck together compared to when you’re by yourself. You go harder, you feel more motivated, you connect with the people around you and you’re a better person from it all. To us, there’s nothing better. 

Upcoming Events

A workout together is always better than a workout alone. Check out to find out where we’ll be next or let us know where you think we should be! Right now, we’re primarily involved in Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Washington D.C. We’re working hard on growing that.

Hello Hydration

Whether it’s deadlifts or downward dogs, NOOMA is naturally packed to the cap with all the electrolytes you need to stay hydrated.

blueberry peach nooma
Blueberry Peach

Blueberries plus peaches equals fruity harmony.

chocolate mint nooma
Chocolate Mint

A chocolate dose of guilt free goodness.

watermelon lime nooma
Watermelon Lime

A refreshing burst of seedless salvation.

mango nooma

Real mango flavor, real powerful hydration.