Our Story

The NOOMA story began for us as two hockey playing brothers with one simple problem: we couldn’t stand the sports drinks we’d been given our whole lives. We started doing a little research and digging around, sure that we would find a better solution. It was a shock to us, we couldn’t find a single option that we were excited about.

So, with the help of our mentor Chris, we decided to make one on our own. At first it started as a side project, trying to convince our buddies to drink unmarked, mysterious looking samples. Soon enough, we had cases of drinks crammed into every corner of our mom’s house, ready to hit the market and hydrate the masses.


NOOMA Bros Are Here!

We threw ourselves into the fitness community interacting, or more accurately: sweating, with all sorts of different crews. Crushing burpees at CrossFit one day and dying holding chair pose in yoga the next. Hearing, “The NOOMA Bros are here!” became a pretty common phrase around the Cleveland fitness scene. If there was a group of people getting together for a workout, we were there, dragging along a cooler full of cold drinks.  

A Drink Everyone Loves

These countless hours out there in the community, which is still our favorite part of the job, helped us develop and improve our product. We listened to all the things people loved and the things people wanted changed. We dedicated ourselves to improving, doing things like finding a way to take out all added sugars and making our drink organic. What we finally landed on was a drink that everyone loved to put in their bodies after a sweat. We call it NOOMA.

 – Brandon & Jarred


This journey didn’t just lead us to developing a drink we absolutely love, it led us to something we weren’t really looking for, and even more important. It brought us to the realization that this is all about the people, connections and relationships. With NOOMA we’ve seen the lasting impact sweating together can have and how inspiring others to be healthy can change lives. We’re working hard to help people on what we like to call the pursuit of the ultimate you.


Whether it’s deadlifts or downward dogs, NOOMA is naturally packed to the cap with all the electrolytes you need to stay hydrated.

blueberry peach nooma
Blueberry Peach

Blueberries plus peaches equals fruity harmony.

chocolate mint nooma
Chocolate Mint

A chocolate dose of guilt free goodness.

watermelon lime nooma
Watermelon Lime

A refreshing burst of seedless salvation.

mango nooma

Real mango flavor, real powerful hydration.