The NOOMA Crew

Our squad is made up of a bunch of people that have a real passion for getting a good sweat in and living a healthy lifestyle. We get up for workouts before the sun is up. We bring food scales to work. We read mind and motivation books. But we also have a love for donuts, craft beer and just getting together with friends for no reason at all. We have fun living that balanced life and it’s what our company is all about.


Jarred Smith, Co-Founder, The Big Picture Guy

All-NOOMA all the time, this founder is bringing the direction and vision to our brand and strategy. A true entrepreneur, Jarred sees the big picture and leads the team to it. He has a passion for podcasts and pallet box-jumps, and there’s nothing he loves more than getting out in the community and swapping stories with the sweaty.


Brandon Smith, Co-Founder, Mr. TCOB

A founder and leader of NOOMA sourcing, supplying, and deal making, Brandon is constantly connecting with others in the business world. Fluent in GIF, he prides himself on his ability to multi-task, organize spreadsheets, and complete 100 burpees in under 5 minutes. Go ahead, ask him to do it.


Chris Cummins, Co-Founder, The Savvy Veteran

Founder, advice-giver, and NOOMA’s west-coast guidance, Chris is the sage of the crew. For the times he’s not dishing out words of wisdom, he’s keeping himself busy with plenty of surf and sun. According to Chris, “He’s still got it.” Don’t tell him, but he does.


Leigh Richards, Marketing Director

A marketing trailblazer, Leigh is the digital sharer of the NOOMA’s vision and voice. With a creative eye and an appreciation for good copy, she brings the brand to life. She also happens to be the person crazy enough to always love leg-day — and to take on the title as NOOMA’s first employee.


Bethany Ferry, Regional Brand and Sales Manager

This ball of energy is chasing down fitness-fanatics one person at a time. If you meet her, get ready for some dancing — music not necessary. Bethany manages all retail and community outreach, and also happens to be the only member of the team smiling at the thought of overhead squats.

Find us in the community

We’re supporters of all who love to sweat and love being a part of it. Right now, we’re primarily involved in Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Washington D.C. We’re working hard on growing that. Check out our calendar to find out where we’ll be next or let us know where you think we should be!