5 Fun Coffee Recipes to Hack Your Morning

5 Fun Coffee Recipes to Hack Your Morning

Remember when you started drinking coffee? Was it basically hot chocolate topped with whip cream and a little bit of coffee? That was a few brews before, college, 5AM workouts, and 50 hour work weeks. By now we’ve gotten used to the more bitter brews and actually enjoy it. In our office some of us enjoy our coffee black, while a few of us prefer a hint of flavor. These fun coffee recipes help us feed our caffeine addictions and add a bit of nutrients.

Coffee Concoctions

5 coffee recipes

Spice up your black brew, for the people who don’t take cream or sugar.

  • Pour in grounds into pot.
  • Sprinkle 1 tsp of cinnamon on top of ground coffee.
  • Brew.
  • Add in 1 drop of Organic or Raw Stevia if you prefer a sweeter brew.

GAME CHANGER: If you typically take your coffee black you will be pleasantly surprised with subtle added flavor in this brew.

5 coffee recipes



Pre-workout protein shake, for the gains.

GAME CHANGER: If you need more than coffee to get you going in the morning but don’t want to eat a full breakfast, this is the perfect blend to wake up your system. On the go? Order an Iced Americano and add in one of those extra protein samples you have!

5 coffee recipes



For the morning runner, and the people who only take sugar.

GAME CHANGER: The added caffeine is sure to increase your speed on that early morning run. While the branch chain amino acids (BCAA’s) help your muscles recover after that run.

5 coffee recipes



On the go brew, for the DoERS & PURSUERS.

GAME CHANGER: Grab this on the go or pour over ice before you walk out the door. This is the perfect blend of caffeine and hydration to help you crush your day. All the flavor and no added sugar needed.

5 coffee recipes



For the paleo people, and the ones who always take cream.

GAME CHANGER: Coconut oil and grass-fed butter are healthy alternatives to cream, while providing the good fats. Starting your day with Bullet Proof coffee helps you better process the caffeine, which means you don’t have to reach for that second cup.