Blueberry Peach Manufacturing Issue – A Note from our Founders

Dear NOOMA family,

We have recently become aware of a packaging issue that has the potential to lead to early spoilage of a small percentage of Blueberry Peach NOOMAs. We have issued a voluntary recall on the affected drinks. All other flavors of NOOMA and Blueberry Peach drinks produced outside of the target timeframe are safe to consume.

Blueberry Peach product that falls within the following timeframe should not be consumed and discarded:

BB: 2020-06-22

Time Start: 11:00:00

Time End: 16:00:00


As a company, we always work to be honest, transparent, and proactive with our customers, no matter the news. We take product quality and safety extremely seriously and sincerely apologize for any negative experience anyone has had drinking a Blueberry Peach NOOMA.

Here’s what we’ve done so far:

  • Once we learned of the issue we wanted to err on the side of caution and quickly moved to get all Blueberry Peaches that had the potential to be affected off of the market.
  • We have contacted all customers that purchased directly from our website that potentially had purchased an affected drink.
  • We have been diligently working with our third-party manufacturer on all fronts to get to the bottom of the issue and taking steps so this will not happen again.

Here’s what we’ll be doing going forward:

  • We will continue working on sourcing the issue for the spoilage with our third-party manufacturer and testing affected drinks to pinpoint the issue.
  • We are reevaluating how we track products and make improvements to any areas we feel need to be addressed.
  • We will always answer any and all questions customers have on our products.
  • We will be updating our blog post as more information comes in.

We have, and will continue, to issue a full refund for all customers that have purchased a spoiled drink. These customers and any others with questions or concerns, please reach out to us at

Again, we truly apologize for the situation.

Brandon and Jarred