You Don’t Need Weights to Build Strength

Push, pull, squat.

For some reason people equate strength training with some sort of weighted implement. We forget how strong we can get by learning to control our bodies. The beauty of body weight training is it can be done anywhere. The drawback is it’s HARD, and it takes consistent practice to get better. You can’t fudge it. But it’s well worth the effort, because you’ll never be gymless if you know some progressions, because it can always be harder.

Body Row – Assisted Pull-Up – Pull-Up – Muscle-Up Progression – Full Muscle-Up
Elevated Push-Up – Push-Up – Pike Push-Up – Handstand Push-Up – Deficit Handstand Push-Up

Assisted Squat – Squat – Assisted Pistol – Pistol

Find your progression from above and perform CrossFit’s Cindy:

  • 5 Pull
  • 10 Push
  • 15 Squat

    20:00 AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible)

Keep good form, even if that means you scale down as the minutes tick by. A shitty push up is a shitty push up, don’t do them. There’s tons of great resource to learn better body weight movement, educate yourself. Some of my favorites are Naked WarriorConvict Conditioning and Gymnasticbodies.

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