How to Support Local Farmers and Get the Freshest Produce

What Is CSA: Community Supported Agriculture?

If you love the idea of supporting local farmers and vendors while receiving the freshest and most local products available, but get restless from fighting the hoards of crowds and long lines at the fresh bread vendor at your local farmer’s market, you’re not alone. This is where your new friend, CSA, or community supported agriculture, programs come into play. Receive all the benefits of fresh, local meats and produce (and that warm-fuzzy-I-contribute-to-socierty-feeling that comes along with supporting your community) by joining a CSA in your area. Most CSA’s are on a delivery system (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) or will serve from a local community hub in a similar scheduling system – convenience and fresh-as-hell-produce combined to make your life easier and healthier. If you’re still not sold, read up on why we’re adding a CSA subscription to our Netflix, Hulu, HBO, etc. indulgences.

  • Supporting local farmers: We’re all in for being proponents and contributors to our community and eating the produce and meat that’s being produced in a neighboring farmer’s yard seems like a damn good way to score community brownie points. These farmers are also passionate about what they do and we can’t help but fall prey to supporting someone living out their passion.
  • FRESH. We’ve said it once and we’ll say it many more times – with a CSA you are guaranteed the freshest of the produce and meat stock of in season foods. Keeping in mind the seasonality of certain foods will also challenge your brain and your culinary skills to keep things fresh in the kitchen and wish away the idea of a sad desk lunch.
  • Environmental conscientious is #trendy – and as much we love being hip to the trending topics of social media we also really love Mother Earth. An involvement with a CSA will help with lowered CO2 emissions (less trucks needed to transport food across state and country with higher CSA subscriptions), reduced groundwater pollution from pesticides and fertilizers (ensuring better drinking water for us now and for generations to come), and more humane treatment of animals.

We can’t wait for our next batch of fresh veggies and are already thinking of the ways we’re going to be slicing and dicing (or sautéing, blending, grilling, etc.) our next batch of meat and produce. To find a CSA near you can check out this site here.