How Electrolytes Improve Your Skin

How Electrolytes Improve Your Skin

It should be no surprise that hydration has a direct effect on your skin’s health given that it’s such an essential fluid for many parts of body’s functionality and health status. And, if you’re reading this we’re hoping that it’s also no surprise that NOOMA is an excellent source of hydration (among other delectable things like great taste, natural electrolytes, low calorie, etc.) and can be a serious skin-supplementer during these dry winter months. While good old h20 can definitely be a great way to boost your skin’s hydration, it can be hard to pack in all the ounces recommended in a day. This is where your handy box of electrolyte-packed NOOMA comes in. The naturally sourced electrolytes in NOOMA are a great way to help further hydrate your skin and the potassium and sodium levels in each drink can also help with overall skin composure. Disclaimer: sodium levels sourced from organic coconut water are much different than those sodium (and grease) levels packed in fast food French fries and will certainly effect skin much differently.

So now that we know that a box of NOOMA is a go-to beverage for skin saving, especially when Old Man Winter is constantly trying to dry us out, we’re going to break down which electrolytes are most important for skin health.


The broad term that encompasses other vital hydration components (like sodium and potassium) that we’ll delve into the specificity of their roles below. Electrolytes are a big player in the overall homeostasis in your body and responsible for warding off dehydration leading to other nasty results like cramps, fatigued, and light-headed. The primary players in the electrolyte make-up are sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, chloride, hydrogen phosphate, and hydrogen carbonate, but as, aforementioned, in relation to overall hydration and the effect on your skin, we’re focusing in on potassium and sodium. Potassium and sodium are the first ones that’ll disappear while you’re sweating it out in your bootcamp, spinning, or hot yoga class, which is why we’re always encouraging a bottle of NOOMA post-workout to get those important electrolytes flowing back in the body.


Alright, let’s start to get into the nitty gritty. Immediate thoughts of potassium are usually linked to the one basic, well-known fact in reference to the electrolyte: bananas have them. While, yes, bananas, too, are a great source of potassium, people often aren’t exactly sure why it’s so important they’re getting potassium – especially in regard to their skin health. Potassium is a key player in proper cell, organ, and tissue function which is a huge factor in our skin health. Dry skin can cause a slew of problems, including a medical condition called “xeroderma”, which can be linked to potassium deficiency. Potassium correlates with skin’s hydration levels and elasticity so when levels are low skin will dry out and harden leading to discomfort and distress. If you’re prone to sweaaaaty workouts like us, then don’t ignore refueling with electrolyte heavy meals and supplemental drinks (wink, wink).


While the rumors of excess salt can be true in some regards (think high blood pressure and swelling of tissues and nerves), if you’re someone who’s getting a healthy sweat in daily then you’ll want to make sure you’re keeping your sodium levels at a healthy level through healthy choices (think electrolyte drinks, homemade soups, egg yolks and keep the processed meats, cheeses, and snacks to a minimum – for multiple reasons). Sodium is one of the key players in regulating the body’s fluid levels meaning when your sodium levels are low, so is your body’s overall hydration, meaning dry, patchy, and uncomfortable skin. In addition to hydration, sodium is also an active ingredient and team player in the hydrating properties of anti-aging skin creams. A round of applause for sodium’s defense against free radicals preventing against the aging process leading to the bartender ID-ing you far into your late years.

Woof. That was a lot of heavy science talk and quite a lot of nuggets of information. Want to break it down and get really simple? Keep sweating it out and keep throwing back the NOOMA’s as your healthy hydration go-to.

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