We’ve all heard the advice, “Do something you love and your life will be so much more fulfilling.”

Like many others, this statement makes sense to me and I believe it to be very true. However, I think that finding a career you love is logical for more reasons than you being happy.

Get a job you’re passionate about. It is a smart business decision!

I came to this realization after a conversation with an extremely successful financial adviser during my summer internship on Wall Street.

As our conversation progressed, I started to gain some insights as to how this man had reached such a high level in his profession. While I’m sure he wasn’t turning down the enormous checks that were arriving every two weeks, it was clear money wasn’t the real motivating factor. He literally couldn’t get enough of his job, he found it fascinating.

Voluntarily going to conferences, staying up to date on the latest advancements of the financial world, asking for reports that weren’t required for him to know – he was doing it all. He completely immersed himself in his line of work and loved it. I could see his overwhelming desire to learn and get better. He literally couldn’t help but be the best.

Subsequently, this passion for the industry led him to produce the best work, therefore garner the top client list, and ironically, make the most money. Part of being the best, is getting paid like the best. To say the least, I didn’t share that intrinsic motivation to be great in that industry and left me with this lingering feeling that I’d never be truly happy with it or all that good at my job.

As I look at what I’m doing now, I know there is still plenty of work to becoming the best, but the combination of fitness and problem solving really strikes a chord with me. I have an absolute fire for what NOOMA stands for and my role with the company. I love what I do and how I can positively impact people.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t long days that frankly suck. But, because of my passion for the job, I can’t help but put in the extra work, do the additional learning, and tirelessly think about brand and strategy. From a business standpoint, because I love my job, NOOMA is in a much better position to be a successful, meaningful, sustainable, profitable company.

Can you not help but be the best?