Why Making My Bed is a Must

Growing up, making my bed wasn’t just an annoying chore my mom hassled me on, it was the most illogical job I was asked to complete every morning. I would be messing up my bed that night anyways, so what’s the point?  I hated it.

Fast-forward to a few years ago, I made the seemingly unconscious decision to start making my bed each morning. I was “growing up” (debatable, I know), and making my bed just seemed to be the right thing to do.

Soon, this morning task took on more significance than simply fluffing a pillow and straightening a comforter. The few minutes I took to make my bed served as a little mental preparation for the day. It was a time to clear my mind, review my schedule in my head, and get myself in the right mental mind frame to be at my best. Making my bed became a must, and on the days I didn’t get around to it I felt just a touch off and not in the best head-space.

Partaking in this daily routine reminds me of the pregame rituals that my teammates in college and pro hockey would go through before every game. Some would listen to music to get in the zone, while others would goof around and tell jokes, but everyone had developed their own individual path to mentally prepare.

Your “pregame ritual” doesn’t have to be long or complicated. Stretch for five minutes, take a cold shower, meditate. Just find something that works for you to get your mind right. The game starts long before the puck drops.

If only I would have listened to my mom all those years ago, my pregame ritual wouldn’t have been so hard to find. After all, mother knows best.