NOOMA Is Proud To Be A Certified B Corp

NOOMA Is Proud To Be A Certified B Corp

We’re excited to announce that NOOMA is now a certified B Corporation! This certification recognizes businesses that meet the highest standards of social, environmental, and legal performance and use their resources for public good. We’re joining some great B Corp companies from all over the world like Patagonia, Ben & Jerry’s, and New Belgium Brewing who are leading the charge on doing business the right way.

For us, our B Corp Certification represents a commitment to hold ourselves to the idea that business should do more than sell products and services. It comes with a pledge to not only focus on the bottom line but on the community at large.

That pledge is something that’s at the core of our company. From our beginnings in 2013, NOOMA has always been rooted in community. At the time, Brandon and I were still living in our mom’s basement. The first thing we thought of doing to spread the word about NOOMA was to show up at every workout we could find and hand out free drinks.

We had never done yoga, CrossFit, spinning, been to a run club, or had any clue what barre was, but somehow, we found ourselves working out with different groups of people every week. What struck us was how powerful the sense of community and togetherness was at every place we visited, no matter the exercise. We could see how these communities served as support systems and were impacting people’s lives in a positive way that went well beyond just getting in better shape.

It was at this point we decided the higher mission of NOOMA would be about getting involved in, supporting, growing, and spreading the positivity of these fitness communities in a way that inspires people to live healthier lives. Whether by providing free NOOMA for an event, donating money to a charity fundraiser, or simply bringing an uplifting attitude to a workout, we want to be there to help make an impact.

As our company has grown, we wanted to do something to formally align our work towards our mission. We wanted a way to remind ourselves and the world what NOOMA really stands for.

That’s why being the first sports drink to be awarded B Corp status is so special to us. It represents standing for something more among the rest. We can’t wait to uphold this promise and grow our impact moving forward.

Jarred Smith