Salt, Tequila, Lime, Watermelon?

Salt, Tequila, Lime, Watermelon?

Summer is finally here and that means cookouts, BBQs and just some good times with friends in the sun! When the occasion comes for one of those adult parties, we always like to have a little fun with the drinks we mix up. Well, in this case, not technically a drink, but we don’t think you’ll mind with this summer concoction.

NOOMA Tequila Watermelon Recipe


  • 1 large seedless watermelon
  • One 750-mililliter bottle tequila
  • Watermelon Lime NOOMA
  • Limes (cut into wedges)
  • Kosher Salt



  1. Cut a hole in the watermelon large enough for the tequila bottle’s neck.
  2. Empty half of the tequila bottle (we know, sinful), fill the rest with watermelon lime NOOMA.
  3. Insert the tequila bottle upside down. Refrigerate and let the liquor soak into the watermelon’s flesh overnight.
  4. Cube the melon, and skewer each cube with a wedge of lime sprinkled with salt.
  5. Remember to enjoy responsibly and always with friends!


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