5 Benefits of Sweat

5 Benefits of Sweating

Sweat: the glorious byproduct of a heart pumping run, a fulfilling vinyasa flow class, a kick-ass WOD, or whatever way you find movement in your days. It’s not news that working out offers a slew of health benefits, but the aforementioned aftermath of working out turns out to have some major perks as well.

Read up on 5 reasons why you’re going to be sporting your post-workout sheen like a freaking gold medal and finding solace in your sweat-soaked leggings.

  1. Delight in the detoxification

You may joke about sweating out your previous night’s antics in your morning spin class, but there’s actually some truth behind your hungover comments. While one sweaty workout won’t totally undo a boozy night, regular sweat sessions help keep the liver’s overall health in tip-top shape getting out substances that won’t do your body any favors (looking at you, third glass of wine).

2. Kidney stone-d

Or lack there of. Kidney stones are not a punishment we wish on anyone and it turns out that sweating regularly can help lower risk of getting stones by getting out excessive salt while retaining calcium levels in the bones. This helps eliminate excess salt and calcium from accumulating in the kidneys and urine, which is where the stones form. This works best combined with good hydration practice before and after your sweat sessions too, so make sure to crack open a bottle of your favorite NOOMA after rinsing off.

3. HIIT those zits

Sweating open up your pores which helps release grit, grime, and bacteria that finds its way on to your complexion. To make this most effective, though, make sure to give your face a good rinse down post-workout to fully rid your mug of all that nasty pimple causing bacteria.

4. Sweaty Smiles

The post-workout high we all crave is what brings us back to the gym or our favorite studio again and again. So while sweat itself isn’t necessarily going to reverse your seasonal affective disorder, it certainly helps bring a smile to your face and a sense of accomplishment as you finish that final rep. Your shiny forehead also serves as a sense of accomplishment from a hard-earned workout, leading to higher self-esteem levels and happier vibes overall.

5. Better than a band-aid?

Not quite, but sweating does help guard against infection which is quite ironic given that gyms are lurking with bacteria. Sweat contains a natural antibiotic (thank you internal organs) called dermcidin that eliminates harmful pathogens (think E. Coli and staph infection) on contact. We still recommend washing your hands after handling any equipment though.

Have you worked up a sweat yet today? Make sure you’re refueling yourself properly with good hydration and nutrition to really seal the deal of all these incredible benefits.

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