Why grip strength matters. It’s not just better handshakes.

Why grip strength matters – it’s not just better handshakes.

A strong grip = heavier lifts.

Take a second to think about how much we use our hands when we’re in the gym. Pulling, pushing, holding, throwing. They are the primary touchpoint in so much of what we do throughout our workouts. Your hands’ (and fingers’) position as the contact point leads to why grip strength matters to your improvement in the gym.

The better grip strength you have, the more tension you will be able to create with a bar or dumbbell, making it easier to keep proper form throughout the entirety of a lift. As any athlete knows, consistent, proper form is the key to maximizing your output whether it’s running, throwing, hitting a ball or lifting weights.

That strong grip and increased tensions also reduces the chances for slips or rips (even on the smallest level) that leads you to waste energy and effort to compensate, or worse, injury.

That being said, working on your grip doesn’t really come to mind when trying to set PR’s, so it often gets overlooked. Here are a few exercises to work into your gym routine to help you build up your grip strength:

Grip Strengthening Exercises

Pull-Up Bar Hangs – use a fat bar if possible


Dumbbell Holds – try using only your fingertips


Deadlifts – Use an overhand grip


Farmer Walks – arms in tight, no swinging


Added Grip Strength Bonus

Not only will you be crushing more weight and have that powerful handshake you’ve always dreamed of, but grip strength is a strong indicator of your overall health. It was even shown to be a more accurate predictor of death or cardiovascular disease than blood pressure! So, time to get to grippin.