Smart Packaging

You may have noticed that NOOMA looks a little different than most of the other electrolyte drinks on the shelf. Well, there’s a reason behind our packaging choice. The Tetra Pak carton and the aseptic packaging process allows us to completely eliminate the need for preservatives or any acid in our drinks.

That means no citric acid, no additives, no funky ingredients “to preserve freshness” and a refreshing, smooth tastes. While it’s totally safe to drink NOOMA even when it’s not refrigerated we still like them the most cold, waiting for us after a good sweat to deliver that perfect moment of post-workout bliss.


Making A Non Acidic Drink

Making a non acidic drink was one of the main objectives our team had when first developing NOOMA. Two of our founders, Jarred and Chris, both would have terrible acid reflux when drinking traditional sports drinks.

What we found is that citric acid is commonly added to beverages to help with preservation. The Tetra Pak process was the solution to making a non acidic drink that wouldn’t trigger acid reflux. An additional benefit is that repeated exposure to acid has been shown to cause severe tooth enamel erosion. As a drink without any acid, NOOMA does not cause this problem.

An Eco-Friendly Solution

NOOMA isn’t just better for your body, it’s better for the planet too. Tetra Pak is a true thought leader when it comes to sustainable packaging. Unlike most, they work to develop more sustainable solutions for the entire packing process all the way from sourcing and raw materials, to production and then to recycling.

In 2016, 100% of the paperboard used by Tetra Pak came from controlled wood sources and the caps used for their packages come from bio-based plastic.


Smart Packaging: What It Means For You

Our packaging is a crucial piece to upholding our commitment to keeping out the junk. We know that eliminating preservatives is just as important to you as it is to us. NOOMA’s smooth taste is a constant reminder of this removal of acid and preservatives. What’s awesome, is that the benefits of the Tetra Pak carton don’t stop simply with the formula. You can feel good knowing that this package and the company behind it are committed to doing what’s best for our planet.

Hello Hydration

Whether it’s deadlifts or downward dogs, NOOMA is naturally packed to the cap with all the electrolytes you need to stay hydrated.

blueberry peach nooma
Blueberry Peach

Blueberries plus peaches equals fruity harmony.

chocolate mint nooma
Chocolate Mint

A chocolate dose of guilt free goodness.

watermelon lime nooma
Watermelon Lime

A refreshing burst of seedless salvation.

mango nooma

Real mango flavor, real powerful hydration.